Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank you!

What a week that just passed! Traveling, shoppping, going over to grandmom's place, a wedding ceremony, more shopping, farewell to mom and siblings, and much more traveling! I have a suitcase always packed!

Now, WHAT a way to sign off the week! Winning!!! I came home last evening and opened my laptop, my fingers automatically typed the url of my blog, they were excited somehow ( my intuitions mostly, always, preceed the actual), and lo! I have 2 big surprises waiting for me! I smiled, gave my hubby the surprised look as well as that which said, "I told ya!" and then smiled again..

My daughter's picture that said "beauty in scarf" was an entry at Amy's Color Splash Sunday meme. Amy thought it was the best entry last week!! Cheers!! Thank you Amy! It was one of my favorite pictures of my Angel and now we all know why! :) Thanks again!

(I had my eyes on this button ever since I saw it a couple of weeks ago, my daughter just brought it home for me! :)

As if that didn't bust the stress of my week long activites I had yet another sweet surprise waiting for me! "Outstanding Blogger Award"!

It came from my friend and a wonderful mom, Mama Hen! Now I am really smiling to glory! Thank you Mama Hen for your sweet gesture, I am touched!

I pass this award to Neel, Amy and The Mommy! I love what they do with their creative juices that makes their blog so outstanding! Congrats to you all!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Color Splash Sunday: Scarf


Wow it's that time of the week! I love color splash and as I mentioned earlier, the best part about color splash is it's end result! I was excited about the picture I was working on and boy! do I love it! I adore it! Thank you Amy for your great idea about CSS! Here is my choice!

I love wearing scarves and I highly rate the color purple and lavender and the shades around them! So the choice of my CSS theme this week was easy, SCARF. Rida was around 6 months old when I took this picture from my blackberry.(The comparative clarity of my phone sometimes surprises me...maybe its because of the daylight! ) Nay! It's my baby's radiance! I know am getting carried away....:)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We make "it" look so easy!!!

I am feeling "crowned" and hence sentimental! My one year old princess took 4 little steps, came upto me, held my face and plucked a kiss on my cheeks saying "ooah!" (for muah?!!) Not just that she even went and fetched me the remote control unasked! Nothing can bother me today, not even my corrupt camera charger!

(one of my favorite pics, little blurred though as taken from blackberry. I love that mischievous smile!)

("Bloggy moms not-so-bloggy moms, we ALL know what "it" is - raising children! We love to make ourselves and our near ones, credit the fact that having children is the most beautiful thing in the whole wild world! Not a day goes when I don't remember the out of the world happiness of holding my bundle of joy for the first time on 27th Feb 2009 at 3:38 pm! The pain was gone as if it never existed!

Motherhood is a such a beautiful gift from our Lord that honors our love for our spouses, recognizes our patience and courage as well as enriches us with wisdom.

This gift also brings with it the test -of -our -lives! The lessons that we impart to our children that will mould their future is the biggest challenge we (will) face. In this process we get even more closer to our mom and grandmom! I do now, after becoming a mum, truly and completey appreciate the qualities, the grace, the dignity, the courage and the selflessness in the nature of these two women in my life!

Also all the friends that I have made before and over here have in their own beautiful ways made this whole on-going experience merry and truly entertaining. I know I'm not the only one who spend sleepless nights, take a siesta and thank God for it, who is on her toes running behind half pints during the day, who cleans the house only to clean it again after half an hour who's meals are often interved with smelly diapers or a sleepy pair of eyes! Yet, yet we make so many people believe it's a cake-walk! :-)

Our love and efforts will truly pay off when we we grow older and see that our little babies who use to walk holding our fingers firmly grow up to love us unconditionally!

Sentiments continue...

But for now mommys sit back and relax, its time to pamper yourselves and smile to glory by accepting these awards!! The mommy and Neel both great bloggers and even greater mothers think I'm trendy and versatile respectively! Thank you!!! You both are so kind!

I extend these awards to my ssssweet friends Jeremi, Mama Hen, R Montalaban, Sarah, ArizonaMamma and Sami. Each one of you are very unique, trendy and versatile in your styles of blogging! Off recently I couldn't steal time to follow you ( I have been travelling, measuring certainity- will ramble about it soon:). So I apologize. This will not stop me from congratulating you and giving you this honor! *hugs to you all*

-To receive the 'Trendy blog award promise to share it with 10 other bloggers who you think are trendy too

-Post about your award on your blog

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wow! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ridu and Zidu !!

They were "almost" to celebrate - birthdays - on - the - same - day! Meet Rida's cousin brother Zidan. My sister-in law delivered only 2 days before I did! So Rida becomes Zidan's "little" sister and this is few of the delightful moments caught in the camera when lil sister went to Dubai to spend some time with little big bro :)

Checking if the grass is safe for them both to wander around a little bit

Woah! look the ball is here, ah lemme fetch it for you!

That was a quick grab! I was going to give you anyway!

Now it's my turn!

Hold on I'm not done playing with it!


and it continues...

the push and pull....


But no!!

Ooops slipped out of my hand!

Too far away...so what do we do next ;)

Love you both sweeties and hope you both be caring and loving brother and sister to each other always !!!

Bare Feet, Happy Feet!

My camera is playing games with me. Keep asking me to change battery pack even if I charged it an hour ago:( Hence I'm a bit sad. I think I have to pay a visit to it's doc.

But hey, I'm happy too!! How else would I have come across these pictures if I did not into my collection to see if I have some "happy" little feet waiting to be picked! :)I'm linking this post to iheartfaces and this week's theme is Feet.

Rayd and Nael are my twin nephews and are very special to me. Rida is only 3 months younger than them. We visited them when they were in India almost ten months ago. What a sweet riot it was at home! Our house looked like a nursery with cute cute things all around!

"2 & 4 Little Feet!"

Rida flanked by her brother's Ryad and Nael on either side. The "10 and 20 little toes" as I love to call , flapped and flapped and brought much happiness in our lives!

That's my daughter, the go-getter! Crawls, stands,tip-toes then grabs!