Saturday, March 10, 2012

My blog is re-christened!

My life was beautiful and challenging as a mom 'raising Rida'. Two years hence my life is beautiful and challenging as a mom 'raising Rayyan' :-)

So I decided to re-christen my blog to '

All future post will be posted here.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where was I...

My beautiful daughter, crawling ,taking baby steps, babbling with baby lingos at the time of my LAST post almost a year and half ago is NOW sitting next to be, cuddled up beside me, playing games on daddy's i-pad and asking me to show HER BLOG!

Rida is THREE years old on 27th Feb -last week. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

And now the next BIG news! Rida is now a sister of her cute little One year old baby brother!!!! Yes, I am now a mother of two beautiful children. Rida and RAYYAN!
Welcome here baby Rayyan!!!

Thats where I was busy at, making babies, they say teasingly *smiling* and yes also doing every possible thing to be the 'best mother' to my kids:)))

raisingrida will soon be merged with a common blog for both- Rida n Rayyan. I should have known!! ;) But now I do.

I am happy to be back:))