Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color Splash Sunday: Flags

When I started playing around with different editing tools I realized it's so much fun editing! With color splash I couldn't wait to see the end result. I love the work of Amy at Artistically Amy and I am linking this post to her Color splash challenge.

My husband's love for sports has no perimeter. He enjoys T-20 Cricket match just as much as he loves watching the Grand Prix. That's HIM in the picture routing for Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari Team at the US Grand Prix at Indianapolis. This picture dates back to 2005, the year I got engaged to him! It was also the year in which an Indian Driver Narain Karthikeyen made his debut in F1! So that's the Indian flag painted on his face, to support and cheer his country and the country man! :)


Smiley Sunday :)

I found these pictures in my library and they brought back fun-filled memories to life! Mama Hen gave me a reason to post them here today... Smiiiile!, *Click!* :)

My sweet smiling sugar-pie giving her best shot!

And this cute cuddly-duddly family brings a smile on my face:)

(For the record and the sweet memory, these pictures were taken when Rida and I went to Dubai to visit Rida's cousins, Zara and Zidan in March. The second pic with the bear family was shot in one of the malls there. Rida enjoyed her trip a lot and so did I! We would love to be there again soon!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Capture-Sky

When I came across this photo challenge hosted by Beth I couldn't resist participating in it. Here are my shots! (I have only recently discovered the 'fun' and the 'veracity' of photography:)

This one is around noon. Clear, speckless, cloudless sky, with the summer heat beating on me as I dared to step out!

Glittery gold in the evening!

This picture surprised me as I thought with the moon and north star, I captured the darkest night too on the horizon!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Like mother - like daughter. Yes I have heard this phrase, mostly as a compliment from my folks and near ones many times! Ice-cream, chocolate, cake are still my weaknesses. Rida, although not very fond of sweet dishes but sure likes to dip her nose into an Ice-cream cone or a mixed fruit pastry!

And in the end of the feast my cuppy-cake "wears" the yummiest look on her face!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random (pics of) Rida

These pictures are two months old when Rida had turned almost a year old! She is turning out to be a very expressive girl and quite specific in her needs. If I serve her cookies she will ask for "Chee" (cheese), if that's what she wants! The past one year has gone by in reading her expressions and learning her language. Every child is unique and as a mother the sooner you know about your sweethearts various behaviour/demand/needs/patterns, the better it is to raise them! Right?
Happy Parenting! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello World!

Caught in action!

If there is a certain silence in the house, no yells and calls and whispers then be sure my naughty girl is upto some mischief. She can stand holding almost anything and everything, be it the bedstand or a closet knob. She will stand on her tip-toes or climb on a chair to reach to her target! Today she "cleaned" her own closet with....well, the wet wipes!

Working unaware that mommy is behind the lenses !!!!

Removed and Stacked one by one in a basket. Well my little darling has all the time in the world!

Hahaha! That's when I called out to her! I laughed bemused when she made this expression, expression that spoke a thousand words...did she say "sorry mum I didn't know you were there" or was it "Oooopsy I'm caught!" or possibly she is saying "Shhh please keep mum, mommy!"

...and here comes the offer, wrapped in a cute smile to divert me. Well thank you, I guess I will take this last one, wipe myself fresh, sit back and relax! There is always time for arranging things, but growing-up has its own sweet phase and I will let my angel live it to the fullest!

So that's the end of Wipes, pack number..... forget it! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting smarter, learning faster..

What makes Rida happy is a small gadget - a Blackberry phone among many other things. Nah, she doesn't want it to talk to her, only two days older cousin in Dubai, but, to see the "creation" of Allah stored in that small gadget.... Her eyes scan my bedroom the minute she enters it. Once the black thing is spotted she will mark the area around it and target it armed with her crawling skills, two steps on toes and ten tiny fingers! They seize the target!

Caught her toying with it and pressing the play button... I know she got lucky but she was verrrry pleased!!

Rida loves the song " The creation of Allah", that I have on my phone. Her other favorite is "My mother". I know she would love music when she grows older, but these are the kind of songs I want her to learn and appreciate.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award

Good times indeed! Thank you darling sister for your wonderful appreciation of my blog and giving me this award! I am so happy and all smiles! Although we started together, you've gone ahead pretty fast, am still an amateur and on receiving this recognition of my blog and the pictures of my daughter, it sure makes me thankful!!

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know!

Things that make me Happy!(not in particular order)
1. My Daughter RIDA. Her smiles, her giggles, her bunny teeth her presence and all the things in her room-pink shoes, pink dresses, her toys.... :) everything that's her's:)
2. My husbands smiling face when he return from work in the evening.
3. My house when its clean and tidy, especially my kitchen and bathroom.
4. Monsoon- the fragrance of the mud.
5. Surprise gifts.
6. I love to hear stories about my childhood- my dad has many to narrate. It truly makes me happy and proud to be dad's girl:)
7. My mom's pamperings and my sister's attention! I get it all refined everytime I visit them. Rida gets her share too:)
8. My in-laws, when they are happy. Their happiness brings happiness to me:)
9. Meeting my neices and nephews, listening to their innocent and sweet talks and getting so much love and respect back brings smiles miles and miles.
10. Travelling places. I never wish to spend weekends at homes and love it when my brother plans an outing.

While making this blog that has Rida, my sweet sweet daughter all over it, I visited blogs of other mothers, passionate ones, loving ones and very friendly too. All their blogs make a good read and the stories around motherhood are just amazing! I am definitely trying to steal more time out so I can visit, comment, follow and make blogger friends.

Here are my 5 blogs that bring me joy! (These will soon be updated to 10 once I get more time to my blogging. Currently my daugther and my hubby take most of the time :). Am not complaining !!!)
1. Being Zara and Zidan,Mom Neels blog:) I know Zara and I know Zidan. I stayed with them for a month and watching them grow with every new blog is such a pleasure. Bhabhi is a passionate mother and yes we started blogging together! Those 28 days of staying together are the most memorable ones. We painted, we blogged, we travelled. If you have time then do visit and see for yourself! at
2. Twenty Little Toes, Mom Arhama's blog. I love the title "Twenty little toes" yes she is a mother of two cute cute naughty boys-Ryad and Nael, also my darling nephews! Can't wait to hear them call me aunt! Her blog is what got me started with mine! She is very inspirational and dynamic!
3. Hubby's blog He writes his mind and is very spontaneous. I would love to say that he is a thoughtful writer but whats more cool about his blog is that it has informative and some very thought-provoking topics. The funny thing is that our discussion that follows after his write-up is usually lenghthier than his post! :)
4. Oh! That's Why! I always like the titles of her post-they are so captivating and unique. My sweetest sister Sadia (yes our whole family is into blogging! :) is currently teaching and running a school in a small town in India. Her narratives, her experience is worth reading!
5. Sailor&Co This is one of the most happening blogs which I visited recently! I got linked to it through Arry's and participated in her Raw(e) Red carnival which was fun and it was sure nice to receive comments from fellow bloggers. It has some amazing pictures. One of the blogs which I started following ever since.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mummammmmmm, heavenly!

It rained here in Pune! What a relief from the heat! Rida was extremely delighted as her "mummamm " was everywhere! and mom dear didn't stop her from playing with it:) (she says mummam for water and loves splashing, spilling,drinking, getting drunk too and simply spending long hours playing with it)

This picture is from our balcony, it was pretty windy and it pored for good one hour!

Rida kept her mouth open for the sweetest water from the heaven!

The leaves bathed and danced in the rain and they had an admirer too watching them:)

First Step!

And she did it! The first ever baby step of my darling sweetheart, right in the centre of the living room! Going on her knees first and then slowly raising herself using her hand to balance out. She couldn't get enough of it after that and neither did we:) The pics are little blurred as she was moving a lot when trying to hold her feet firm to the gorund. I loved the way she balanced herself by raising her hand. She was very delighted as we all clapped and appreciated her effort. My little girl was very confident and self-sufficient (she just wouldn't allow anyone to help her:)

Way to go Riduu!!!