Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Like mother - like daughter. Yes I have heard this phrase, mostly as a compliment from my folks and near ones many times! Ice-cream, chocolate, cake are still my weaknesses. Rida, although not very fond of sweet dishes but sure likes to dip her nose into an Ice-cream cone or a mixed fruit pastry!

And in the end of the feast my cuppy-cake "wears" the yummiest look on her face!


Jeremi said...

Hi Sam! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog : ) Yes, raising girls is such fun : ) Rida is adorably beautiful and so are you! Looking forward to reading more! Have a super day! Jeremi

Sadia Azmi said...

With this post I personally relate! :)
She is getting cuter by the day!

Sam said...

Thanks Jeremi for dropping by and commenting!

Thank you "khakha"(sadia) for the ice-cream treat too!

Zara (Daya Didi) said...

ridu i know you feel cool eating ice cream how cozy in your tummy.

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