Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting smarter, learning faster..

What makes Rida happy is a small gadget - a Blackberry phone among many other things. Nah, she doesn't want it to talk to her, only two days older cousin in Dubai, but, to see the "creation" of Allah stored in that small gadget.... Her eyes scan my bedroom the minute she enters it. Once the black thing is spotted she will mark the area around it and target it armed with her crawling skills, two steps on toes and ten tiny fingers! They seize the target!

Caught her toying with it and pressing the play button... I know she got lucky but she was verrrry pleased!!

Rida loves the song " The creation of Allah", that I have on my phone. Her other favorite is "My mother". I know she would love music when she grows older, but these are the kind of songs I want her to learn and appreciate.


beingzaraandzidan said...

Oh! I thot Ridu wants to call chaachi.

Groovy Baby Blog said...

Rida is Adorable and I love your blog too, now I'm a follower!

Zara (Daya Didi) said...

ridu big girl playing on the phone.

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