Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 101 Blog Award

Good times indeed! Thank you darling sister for your wonderful appreciation of my blog and giving me this award! I am so happy and all smiles! Although we started together, you've gone ahead pretty fast, am still an amateur and on receiving this recognition of my blog and the pictures of my daughter, it sure makes me thankful!!

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know!

Things that make me Happy!(not in particular order)
1. My Daughter RIDA. Her smiles, her giggles, her bunny teeth her presence and all the things in her room-pink shoes, pink dresses, her toys.... :) everything that's her's:)
2. My husbands smiling face when he return from work in the evening.
3. My house when its clean and tidy, especially my kitchen and bathroom.
4. Monsoon- the fragrance of the mud.
5. Surprise gifts.
6. I love to hear stories about my childhood- my dad has many to narrate. It truly makes me happy and proud to be dad's girl:)
7. My mom's pamperings and my sister's attention! I get it all refined everytime I visit them. Rida gets her share too:)
8. My in-laws, when they are happy. Their happiness brings happiness to me:)
9. Meeting my neices and nephews, listening to their innocent and sweet talks and getting so much love and respect back brings smiles miles and miles.
10. Travelling places. I never wish to spend weekends at homes and love it when my brother plans an outing.

While making this blog that has Rida, my sweet sweet daughter all over it, I visited blogs of other mothers, passionate ones, loving ones and very friendly too. All their blogs make a good read and the stories around motherhood are just amazing! I am definitely trying to steal more time out so I can visit, comment, follow and make blogger friends.

Here are my 5 blogs that bring me joy! (These will soon be updated to 10 once I get more time to my blogging. Currently my daugther and my hubby take most of the time :). Am not complaining !!!)
1. Being Zara and Zidan,Mom Neels blog:) I know Zara and I know Zidan. I stayed with them for a month and watching them grow with every new blog is such a pleasure. Bhabhi is a passionate mother and yes we started blogging together! Those 28 days of staying together are the most memorable ones. We painted, we blogged, we travelled. If you have time then do visit and see for yourself! at
2. Twenty Little Toes, Mom Arhama's blog. I love the title "Twenty little toes" yes she is a mother of two cute cute naughty boys-Ryad and Nael, also my darling nephews! Can't wait to hear them call me aunt! Her blog is what got me started with mine! She is very inspirational and dynamic!
3. Hubby's blog He writes his mind and is very spontaneous. I would love to say that he is a thoughtful writer but whats more cool about his blog is that it has informative and some very thought-provoking topics. The funny thing is that our discussion that follows after his write-up is usually lenghthier than his post! :)
4. Oh! That's Why! I always like the titles of her post-they are so captivating and unique. My sweetest sister Sadia (yes our whole family is into blogging! :) is currently teaching and running a school in a small town in India. Her narratives, her experience is worth reading!
5. Sailor&Co This is one of the most happening blogs which I visited recently! I got linked to it through Arry's and participated in her Raw(e) Red carnival which was fun and it was sure nice to receive comments from fellow bloggers. It has some amazing pictures. One of the blogs which I started following ever since.


Sajid said...

Hey Sam..congrats on your first award. I am glad you have managed to find time and work on this blog. Many more awards to follow ;)

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