Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Step!

And she did it! The first ever baby step of my darling sweetheart, right in the centre of the living room! Going on her knees first and then slowly raising herself using her hand to balance out. She couldn't get enough of it after that and neither did we:) The pics are little blurred as she was moving a lot when trying to hold her feet firm to the gorund. I loved the way she balanced herself by raising her hand. She was very delighted as we all clapped and appreciated her effort. My little girl was very confident and self-sufficient (she just wouldn't allow anyone to help her:)

Way to go Riduu!!!


beingzaraandzidan said...

Congrats!! Even Pectu started with the same. Way to go Idu!! muwaaah! *claps*

Dadu said...

Long long way to go sweet darling ,
well effort Masha Allah .

raisingrida said...

Thank you was good to have you around to cheer me when I took my first step! :)

Sadia Azmi said...

Idaaa! I just wanna come running and hug you sweety!
mA!! Looks like mom's doing a fine job "raising" Rida ;)

Sam said...

Am sure bhbahi next time when they meet in July, IA, they'll be running after eachother!

Ah, sads only this time she "raised" herself:)) hugs to you too from Ida Ida.

Zara (Daya Didi) said...

ridu trying to stand you did. you stand now. I am so proud of u Ridu!

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