Monday, May 10, 2010

Caught in action!

If there is a certain silence in the house, no yells and calls and whispers then be sure my naughty girl is upto some mischief. She can stand holding almost anything and everything, be it the bedstand or a closet knob. She will stand on her tip-toes or climb on a chair to reach to her target! Today she "cleaned" her own closet with....well, the wet wipes!

Working unaware that mommy is behind the lenses !!!!

Removed and Stacked one by one in a basket. Well my little darling has all the time in the world!

Hahaha! That's when I called out to her! I laughed bemused when she made this expression, expression that spoke a thousand words...did she say "sorry mum I didn't know you were there" or was it "Oooopsy I'm caught!" or possibly she is saying "Shhh please keep mum, mommy!"

...and here comes the offer, wrapped in a cute smile to divert me. Well thank you, I guess I will take this last one, wipe myself fresh, sit back and relax! There is always time for arranging things, but growing-up has its own sweet phase and I will let my angel live it to the fullest!

So that's the end of Wipes, pack number..... forget it! :)


beingzaraandzidan said...

ahahaaha! So cute! same like what Pectu did & i meantioned in my post 'No respect for mother nature'

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