Tuesday, April 13, 2010

beating the heat!

On a warm sunny afternoon, Rida refused to stay in the house, she was fresh, of the color of the daffodil and looking out of the window, she kept calling out her two favorite words::" Trveee" for tree and "Cow-Cow" for crow!

I took her to the balcony and gave her my shades.. I was a liitle surprised when i saw her wearing it on, and then I handed her a book that had loads of Trees and Crows and stripe animal and animals with long mane.

Little Miss Sunshine carried her water-bottle too. No chance she would let the heat spoil her perfect afternoon!


ALL IZZ WELL said...

Very cute riduuuuu I am coming to squeeze u

The Mommy said...

Ridu is looking so chic in those shades! Just love my golu molu's expressions!

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