Monday, April 26, 2010

My Naughty Angel:)

Beautiful and unique are the ways of children's behavior. In teaching, we learn and in learning, we teach how selfless life can be if you learn to give and teach to share. My life surely is in raising Rida, but more precisely Rida is my Lifestyle!

This post covers few events, that occurs almost everyday with Rida. Yet, every event makes me smile and Thank God every day for sending this Angel into my life!

Rida Says:

I understand the language of Thank You- Ever since my girl started communicating, in those initial stages of infancy, graduating slowly to using words like "gee" to give I use the word 'thank you' when I want to take something from her that did not belong in her toy basket or, could be harmful to her. Ofcourse she just wouldn't hand it over to me without those mischievous smile or by pretending to give, stretching her hand out and quickly withdrawing to herself. But the fact is She knows! Say Thank you and I will give, else keep trying your luck. But you gotta wait!

I'll be the last to sleep! - These days she just wouldn't sleep without holding a toy. Preferably Doraemon. But thats not all. She expects me to call out to everyone in her toyland to go to sleep. I literally have to say "doraemon go to sleep", "dora go to sleep", "moon go to sleep" Pappy go to sleep" and if I forget horsy, she will make the sound of the horse 'tda' tda' tda' (she picked this sound when I played 'horsy and friends' with her) and remind me! The cutest part is when she looks at me as if to say 'are you sure mom you've called out everyone and they have all gone to sleep'?!!! :)
Now 'sleeping time' has become the second best time after 'foody time'.
Let me not tell you here what happens when she refuses to sleep.... *sigh*

Mumma says I cannot trouble Daddy! - Well, mumma actually never said this but is glad you know it. Mornings and weekends are the times when daddy runs a small show. Rida, brushing her teeth without turning the bathroom shelve upside down, getting oil massage done without any hesitation, playing with toys only not with crockery and crystals, changing clothes in one straight shot, and sleeping in no installments - does this all and makes her dad feel proud of himself! Please keep up the great work Hubby!
Of course as always there are times of refusal and absolute non-cooperation. But Help is always around the corner:)


daddaaa-aaaba (Rida is still deciding what to call me ) said...

Love the blog !!!! as for the sleeping part I witnessed that yesterday and when I missed calling horsey and she reminded me...
Good work with picture wifey.

beingzaraandzidan said...

Lovely pic! Gud job!

raisingrida said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Feels great:)
Bhabhi am using GIMP for color splash...still need to get a hang of lot of stuff:)

Sadia Azmi said...

There comes the Sam! Bring out the spot lights, the stage needs to be set! :D
More than the pics it's your poetry in writing that's got to be your "thing"

raisingrida said...

*smiling Broadly!* *eyes fluttering*
Thank you Miss Poetess! Can't wait to meet you sooooooon! :)

Bhai said...

Mashallah my cute little angel is looking so beautiful. I just cannot get my eyes away from her curls and thoughtful eyes. Well, I agree with Sadia, Saima your lyrics :) have further enhanced the beauty of this post.

Zara (Daya Didi) said...

ridu how cute eating an apple.

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