Sunday, April 18, 2010

A date with Pink Panther

Little Princess spend an evening entertaining her new friend--the Pink Panther! They played peek-a-boo with mum and dad and later had a long conversation, chit-chatting standing by the window!

preparing to play her fav game...



"I so agree with you...!"


beingzaraandzidan said...

I just love this one! Ridu's expressions are just too cute!

Sadia Azmi said...

Sam, this is the cutest picture story!! Of course, cuz it has my favorite character!
But I must say the story teller is pretty amazing too :P
Love the blog, can't wait for more. Keep 'em comin!

Papa said...

I love the way she says "pappy'. For her everything starts with "pa". I am a produ papa.

The Mommy said...

Soo cute!!!
I love it when she gives a hi5 to the pink panther!

I had the exact same pink panther when I was a toddler!! Ryad and Nael still played with when they were @ their Nani's.

raisingrida said...

Thank you everyone for visiting this blog. Pappy (thats what she calls pink panther) is her favorite. Thank you Chachi and chachu for gifting this to her. Bhai you're right, first PAPA now!

Sads, now you can see what I use to tell you about me its a whole lot of work... I carry my camera everywhere....but its fun! :)

Arry, yeah she loves having him around and that day was the longest she played with it...

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