Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks to me, all RIGHT!

You're requested to read this light-heartedly and also not to arrive at any conclusions:)

I love my hubby and he is a great father:)

I felt a little something touching my cheeks, they were five of them, then they touched my nose, my forehead and then suddenly it was only two of them and ouch, they were plucking my lashes and then I heard the most beautiful word "Mumma"!

My baby! but what time is it, sweety? 7:00 AM. Please go back to sleep- I said this, more to myself than to her, but nah, once up is UP. I still felt a zombie, she kept waking up in the night as if to count the stars if they were the same in number or the moon wether he's still asleep...

She usually sleeps till 8 atleast and I don't mind if she greets morning before dawn, but today, just today I wanted that extra time too.

Let me see if daddy can help, although he slept late. I called out to him- no response. I called again and then I allowed Rida to go and sit on his tummy. He didn't stir(although he is a light sleeper). Fine! I got your point darling. And just to prove this point to him- a mother is a synonym of 'sacrifice' , I woke up in high spirits:P

I removed her soiled diaper and stretched my arms to reach to a fresh one stacked inside my bedside table drawer. It was all fine until Rida decided to put me to a test and challenge my reflxes and flexibility...she grabbed my glasses which was next to my pillow and was moving fast towards the edge of the bed.I stretched my leg to make a boundry and protect her from falling, and held out my other hand to take my glasses from her before she understand that they cannot stretch beyond a point and will eventually break!

Wow that was quick, I smiled in pride... only a little too soon. When I "gathered" myself, I experienced a slight pain on my left shoulder. A contraction of the first order!

Since then the day's been ALL RIGHT!


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