Monday, April 19, 2010

Rida's own coffee...

I love to watch my daughter play with her toys all by herself. She makes me smile at her innocence, her cuteness and all her beautiful traits.

I was having a cup of coffee when I noticed Rida "brewing" her own and quickly sipping it from her "cup"!
Her "yellow cup" even had a "red top" to cover it for later consumption! :))
My little girl is learning fast, MA! :)


Sajid Azmi said...

Love this pic and love when she does this stuff..How many times she drank that cup :)

beingzaraandzidan said...

'Coffee With Rida'
Idu can I join u plz??

sals said...

omg, she did that?! She sure knows which traits to pick up. Caffeine already!

Dadu. said...

Yes my little grand daughter is learning fast like her mom that how to eat and drink.

Saima said...

@chachi, I'd rather say that I will join you and mumma at Starbucks when you plan to go there!! :)

@Solly, she was doing it so fast, stirring and drinking...jeeju and I laughed so much!

@Abbu, MA ur grand-daughter picks up things rather quickly,eat, drink, smile, make others smile too like her mom! :)) I love to read your comments...thank you!

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