Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Rida's friends

Rida only plays with soft toys when mumma plays along with her, imitating them, making different sounds for different characters. Her favorite is "Pappy" the pink panther. Pappy is what Rida calls it . And her second favorite is the camel, she likes to play with it's ears and nose, ocassionally pull it's eyes too. Winnie the Pooh gets special attention only when he is alone:P

Hello! what's everyone waiting for? Is someone expected?

Ah, I see they are all waiting to welcome their Little Princess!
"Gather around everyone...let the party begin...!" :)


The Mommy said...

Very cute picture MA!!

daddaaa-aaaaba (Rida still deciding) said...

Love the way she plays with the camel's chin and pooh's nose :)..nice pic sam !!

Sadia Azmi said...

Cuuute! And you have totally graduated from telling others stories to creating your own! :D

raisingrida said...

Thanks Arry, dadda and Sads! I cant help it, she gives me the complete feeling of being a mother to a Princess!! :)

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